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Oh yes! Finally! after 10 years of dreamingg and I’m finally here! JAPAN! (technically, not now, I came back a couple of months already) been meaning to save this memory before I forget about everything! but, school’s been evil (like always)

Day 1 ( 13th June 2011) – DRIZZLING

Had a long 10-12 hour flight from Singapore -> Tokyo and finally -> Hokkaido. First our tour guide, James took us to…..

 famous chocolate factory in Hokkaido! We took a short walk around. I had rose soft ice cream there. IT TASTED FABULOUS! soft milky taste with a hint of rose smell and flavor. Lunch was at a restaurant and had mini steamboat pots. It was filled with high school students and they were totally shocked to see foreigners there. After lunch, we head to Royton Hotel. Our only hotel with BEDS 😀

Settled our stuffs down and went to a subway nearby…. UNDERGROUND SHOPPING DISTRICT. Dinner was near the RED LIGHT DISTRICT. the ladies there are sooooooooo goddamm pretttyyyy!

Day 2 (14th June 2011)- Drizzling again, Cloudy

Breakfast was buffet and our guide bought us to a temple (wasn’t in the itinerary 😀 ) I bought almost s$70 of amulets there. One for dad, mum, sis, yixin and one for my whole family!

Next, we went to a small river, James said it’s a famous river, but I have forgotten the name and place 😦 and the OTARU MUSICAL BOX PLACE! hehehe! spent s$100 there. 😀 ( all the musical boxes are for me! )   ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  our hotel was at Hotel Piano ♩ ♬ Mummy and I made our first trip to the Onsen. love love love it. Oh yah, lunch was Hokkaido famous crabs S$300 ++ for lunch but it was totally worth it. Dinner was buffet, they had crabs too!  We had supper even though we were full, mummy and I had a terrible time digesting the food.

Day 3(15th June 2011)- Clear

Woke up early to take a walk around the Kiroro town. Saw dandelions everywhere and each of them are like Fist sized ( no exaggerating) I forgot what was lunch 😦  Dinnerr I think was buffet againn. Before dinner we went to the Waterfall place where I got my classmates’ presents- the foxes and flavored salt. One of the waterfalls

Hotel was at? up the hill with a huge river right below us. at night, we didn’t even need the air condition, all we did was open a small gap, bring in the cool wind and hear the river flow.

Day 4 (16th June 2011) – Sunny and cool

Today, we are going to stay at Toya Sun Palace in front of lake Toya. Practically in between the volcanoes. wasn’t able to go to the Onsen 😦 so I took a walk around the Lake Tayo. Did I mentioned it was the second deepest lake in Japan?

I did not photoshop this photo neither can I ( i suck at photoshop and this is a view from our room)

Can’t really bear to leave Japan. Japan was all I ever wanted since young and I’m finally already here! Tomorrow we will be heading to Mount Shoyu and the Bear Ranch. So excited. Some high school is having school trip here and they were rather noisy. Today we went to the Flower fields. too bad it wasn’t the sunflower season. well, it was still pretty!


Lavender flavor soda like the olden days

Japan is filled with niceness all around. Even though the food here and things are freakily expensive, I’m still having soo much fun! There are fireworks tonight! so much better than Singapore’s

I love today, we had raw corn too! yumyum! I ate so much food in Japan, I cannot keep track of what my meals were. ICE CREAM everyday though (:

Day 5 17th June 2011- Awesome weather

Mount Shoyu and the Bear Ranch. the bears were amazing! okok. first, in the morning… we went to the STRAWBERRY FIELDS!

strawberry picking!

me picking strawberries!

Bear Ranch! be prepared to be amazeddd

bears waving there to youuu

Cute guy at the souvenir shop

Mount Shoyu

after visiting the bear ranch and volcanoes, we headed to aera village to watch the ninjas. love love love. hot hot hot

the chief of the village

hot ninjas



Noribetsu next! I had honey soft ice cream while exploring alone like I did ever since the 3rd day ): but it was fun and I spent all my money too! had to borrow from mummy. but it’s all right. at night, we went up hill to see a ceremony. lucky us! the “ghosts” practically love us (foreigners) and the staffs were all excited when we said hello(:

forget our hotel name also. the staffs there made our tatami beds for us! nice and sweet. Did I mention, I totally did not lock the door when I left. omg. but japan’s security is SAFE to the maximum

Day 6 18th June 2011- drizzled a bit at night

Mummy woke us up at 530am (430 singapore time) when our morning call was at 715 am. but it’s alright. we took a short walk around noribetsu and caught a glimpse of a pretty large flower which was about the size of my face! it was also in the colour PINK!

The first spot of the day was the seafood market which was also not included in the itinerary. Mummy and I had fresh oyster. Wei isn’t such a fan of raw food. The smell stayed in my mouth for almost the rest of the day ( kind of eww) Freshness and it’s simply delicious After which we went to a souvenir shop to get all our biscuits and snacks ! Lunch was at miyanomori and had the abalone we ordered a few days back. Lastly the last stop of the day, rera outlet factory we had 3 hours to ourselves to just shop for branded goods. nothing caught my eye even though the coach bags were having hugh 40% discount. I got more food than branded goods. well mum got those stuffs for me, since I had 0 yen on me. We also got a watch for daddy.

After that we head back to chitose airport and had duck ramen with different soup base and ingredients and it all tasted yummy!

The transfer flight was horrible, flights always make me tired like mad, and I couldn’t sleep properly. HOME SWEET HOME!  I am so going to miss the softwater and the awesome clean air


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