What did I do wrong?

June 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

What exactly did I do wrong here? To have to be stereotyped?

My friend said that stereotyping is a form of bullying. I do not understand how is it that I DO NOT STUDY is any of your business? YAH. I just want to fail all my tests can?

Anyway, it was a tough 8 weeks in school. I am trying to endure as much as I can, sometimes I just sleep for hours and wake up pretending to forget what happened. sometimes I just rant to my 05 classmates, get advice from them and be happy again. Sometimes I just wish that someone would just simply tell me “it’s okay to be sad”, “it’s okay to stop trying to be happy”, “it’s okay” 

fyi, I didn’t want to wash my shorts, because you kept washing and I didn’t want you to be tired. but you didn’t understand. 

it’s okay.


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