Back to school

April 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

week 1 of school just ended, & I’m already busy like a big fat bee. Though I missed my classmates terribly, I met some new friends. & one of them, is LITERALLY driving me crazy. I don’t understand, how someone can be so quiet, can drive me crazy. It’s like she drove herself straight through my weak soul ):

During those 2 lecture hours, I thought I was going to have to bang my head against the table or scream at her. She was reading my msn conversations without blinking. At first, I thought it was nothing much, so I just ignored it. Next, I was scribbling my own notes, she just had to peeked at my notes -.- Since she wasn’t disturbing me, I carried on. Afterwards, (maybe because I didn’t mind her peeking at my notes) she started to get closer……….. copying my notes, word by word. without asking. :X she carried on this for next hour or more. I WAS SO DISTURBED! When I wrote long notes, she had to copy & stop me from carrying on to the next lecture ( my lecturer already ahead of me )

Now, I have absolute NO IDEA WHAT TO DO! )):

I miss my normal, fun, noisy classmates. They never do such thing.

yeah. so WHAT THE HELL!


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