Back to school

April 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

week 1 of school just ended, & I’m already busy like a big fat bee. Though I missed my classmates terribly, I met some new friends. & one of them, is LITERALLY driving me crazy. I don’t understand, how someone can be so quiet, can drive me crazy. It’s like she drove herself straight through my weak soul ):

During those 2 lecture hours, I thought I was going to have to bang my head against the table or scream at her. She was reading my msn conversations without blinking. At first, I thought it was nothing much, so I just ignored it. Next, I was scribbling my own notes, she just had to peeked at my notes -.- Since she wasn’t disturbing me, I carried on. Afterwards, (maybe because I didn’t mind her peeking at my notes) she started to get closer……….. copying my notes, word by word. without asking. :X she carried on this for next hour or more. I WAS SO DISTURBED! When I wrote long notes, she had to copy & stop me from carrying on to the next lecture ( my lecturer already ahead of me )

Now, I have absolute NO IDEA WHAT TO DO! )):

I miss my normal, fun, noisy classmates. They never do such thing.

yeah. so WHAT THE HELL!


What more do you need?

April 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

Marina Bay Sands and Science Center.

Today, I had nothing but fun. Even though, all I did was have a simple lunch with good company. Fills my mind and soul up to the very brim. Just seeing friends, true friends is just like having comfort food. Talking to them would be like having a piece of perfectly smooth milk chocolate for my greedy tastebuds and weak mind.

Meeting up with Irene made me miss Secondary school. The best time of my year. Sometimes I wonder whether I could have done better or make the best out of those years. BUT, I couldn’t have done better. It was because of the things that happened in those years made me a better person.

So here’s for Irene- The best friend I never thought I would keep. & I am going to keep you forever, till we grow old. We will be each other’s tea partner. Talk about the funny things we did or the stupidest things we did. Perhaps even the things we feel that we did wrong.

So what more do I need? When I have my lovely family and heartwarming friends? well, except my ezlink card!

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