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February 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

The morning sky of korea!

oh yes, I went to korea and had tremendous fun there. I seriously wouldn’t even mind migrating there, be surrounded by plastics and be awfully healthy! This trip opened my eyes and make me realised that I am extremely lucky.
Our tour guide’s “Assistant” does not earn a single cent from all those loading and unloading of luggages, serving food, book meals. His only source of income was that we bought the photos he took of us during the whole trip. Wait, all the photos’ money doesn’t exactly goes into his pocket either.

There was another grandmother in her 90s, with no family and no income. She sells fruits provided free by her neighbors and the restuarant owner. It’s always these kind of stories that made me realised how lucky I am & that I should always be grateful with everything I have.

Day 1: We had lunch at this Korean “Ba Ku Teh” restuarant. Weather was -5 Degree Celsius. Air: Dry, very Dry.
After lunch we head straight to the Palace ( I think it was GyeongBok Palace ). On the way there, We went past the best university of Korea, Yonsei University.

I seriously meant it was the best and only for the rich. Every single student have their own special parking lot. Some of them have their own chaffeurs.
So, GyeongBokGong

I forgot what we did after this. I only remember staying at this oak valley, with awesome room and toasty floor!(:

Day 2: Ice Gallery and Ice Wine Cup DIY( mummy got first prize)
Afterwards, We went to have Ginseng chicken soup for dinner!


and did alot of stuffs, which I also forgot. Well, at least I remembered to have Banana Milk every single day!(:

Day 3: we went to some war place and had breakfast there, followed by Kimchi making. DIY beauty lesson, had more banana milk and LOTTE WORLD. We didn’t take any rides, cause it was extremely cold  ):

Day4: we went to some place that sells dont know what. and we went off to myeongdong for shopping! spent most of what was left. and flew home. with boxes of stuffs(: I miss korea already.


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