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I DO NOT HAVE THAT. at all. I always thought i was just hungry for more food. (sometimes I really do) but most of the time, I just don’t. I am a greedy person with a big mouth.

I see food. my favourites especially, I just go bonkers. I need to have it. I need to eat it. I’ll eat it halfway then realise I do not want it, I do not like it. fickle-minded me. like that chocolate cookie I had at tully’s coffee, the salad, the tropical tea from coffee bean, that, frap from starbucks. or that deep fried chicken from recently.




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We cannot compare ourselves with other countries that ” build themselves on immigrants” because we aren’t as huge as them nor capable as them. They say we need to be outstanding. we need to survive. we need more talents. but why can’t we just be happy as who we are? We don’t have enough space for more immigrants. Other huge countries have HUGE amounts of immigrants, because they can afford it. we can’t.

breaking it down…. Huge countries are like Filthy rich girl whose dad owns like let’s say 10 oil companies. We are like the girl next door, perhaps a little richer than that. “Filthy rich girl” can buy 10 LVs, 20 burberry, 30 Chanel-s, 50 ferrari and still have space in her room for more. the girl next door, will already sleeping out in the living room or pavement because of space problems- so this means. we can’t. we just can’t. There isn’t enough space anymore. immigrants will not go home after job is done. they will hide for 20 years and still not be found because nobody bothers.

You’ve got what you want. and that’s that. While the citizens, US, are stuck with them. on the road, on the train, the bus. even the malls. You are travelling in style without touching us citizens.

They say benefits only for the citizens not for immigrants. BUT, get this, immigrants becomes citizens and these “citizens” bring their families here and use their earnings to build a huge mansion in their country, gives up their citizenship here and move back. hmmm, I guess this gives us another perspective to look at things.


Day 18- The person I wish I could be

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hmm, I don’t know. I am happy with who I am now. But preferably, if someone UP there, could give me a better brain?

Then I will forever shut up and do the world good(:


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Hello Jie jie.:D I post here coz you never log out. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

Anywaysss, Have a great life!!! :DDDDD


and so I speak….

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in my dreams. I really really do. will you be my second only best friend?? will you will you??

things been minimal-minor- serious. seriously. all I do all day is stare out the window and look at the clouds. then when it pours, I close the window and stare out again. HA HA HA. like a psychotic freak can!

I wish to be able to continue my 30 day letter challenge. BUT NO! i must be determined! i must study! I hope my WAD teacher won’t fail my module. Mr Vincent. if you’re reading this. GIMME A C!

tomorrow is PIZZA DAY though, something to look forward to((:

I am sorry

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for neglecting my wonderful small little place of mine ): even though there isn’t any school now. I haven’t been able to fork out time for my wonderful comforting space of mine.

I have been tormenting myself too. unwillingly of course. considering the fact that I haven’t been able to bite a single thing for the past week ( not even tofu). until TODAY, FINALLY.

well, other than not being able to bite food. (except to grind food)

so here is my boring schedule (in detail) BEWARE of boringness:

– Wake up in the morning: brush teeth, have breakfast, read the newspaper, clean up my room, brush teeth again.

– afternoon: study and study. have lunch, brush teeth again, watch the teevee and back to studying again

– evening: study and study more, have dinner, brush teeth again and watch the teevee. never go back to studying. watch teevee and movies until AM then head back to bed.

and so the cycle goes on and on.

UNLESS, of course, i have something on. like, I don’t know. brushing my teeth???????

Day 16 — Someone that’s not in your state/country

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I am halfwaythru this 30 day challenge!(: day 16! here goes.

someone who is not in my state/ county. this is easy. SHOSHANNAH of course!

Dear Shoshannah:

My dear dear dear hot hot bff. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY POST.

i love you and i miss you

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