Awesome-ness cameras

July 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

I am not really a fan of taking pictures every single minute of my life. But, like every other teenagers, I do love taking pictures of my love ones and friends. Sometimes maybe, pretty things like I don’t know. pretty things?

Recently, I have this urge to get a new camera, considering mine is almost dying and already old.( it’s 2 years old I think) So I went online and found some really awesome cameras.

So here goes:

The juice box camera. I wanted to get one of this. But, it is not really practical. right? It’s too cute to use.A holga film camera. Seriously, I do not remember the website where I got all these pictures from. but it sells really cheap cameras and accessories. limited edition. GH limited 300. it is so pretty! love the sun and the colours. it’s like the Rome of film cameras!

another holga camera. I think Holga is amazing. to make such pretty camera. I think this will look good for singapore’s national day? yah, that’s what I thought so too!RED AND WHITE

pink dress 300. I am so sorry for not remembering the website. It really sells great awesome film cameras at affordable prices. This pink dress reminds me of kawaii girls or flower girls. don’t you think so too?This camera was the one that caught my eye. A SPONGEBOBS CAMERA. how cool is that? in yellow too! roar. this is just so much fun! not that I would carry it around to take photos. I hate attention. last but not least. BIG WHITE polaroid. In the past, when you have polaroid cameras, it means NOT COOL. now, with a polaroid camera you are.–> VERY COOL.

but all these cameras uses film, which I think, is a waste of money, especially with photography skills like mine. So, I am sticking with my first decision to get this amazing white olympus camera——>it’s amazing alright? White DSLR.

So, anyone wants to sponsor me? thank you so much! nevermind me, I am crazy. It is expensive.


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