Japan (world cup) 2010

July 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

They performed marvelously. absolutely, no doubt. Nobody expected them to even thru’ to the top 16, but they did! & had everyone’s attention after the winning match against Denmark.(psst! plus most of them looked really really hot!(:)

check it out:they could have gotten into the top8, until this guy, ruined his penalty kick. No face and name-calling okay? I always think that penalty kicks are based on luck, and just pured luck alone. maybe, with a little skill, but mostly, LUCK.okay, I said no face. but here you go. HIS FACE. he doesn’t look so bad, just lacking a bit of luck.keisuke honda. adore him. & his bleached hair. not everyone could pull of that look or that hair. & he looks just amazing with it.tulio tanaka. I just love it when he ties his hair, I have a thing for long hair guys who looked charming at the same time. He managed to be the samurai of the team throughout the whole journey playing in the World Cup.I know he is kind of old, but still * heart melts* awww. So cute lor.

Well, I am actually very very biased towards the Japanese. Not that I can help it. It’s just that, the amazingly delicious food they have, the prettiest farms and flower gardens, technology, rich-culture and friendly people. Whoever thought that you could have ramen flavor sweets? or fermented soy beans for breakfast? Or even Small brown crickets for snack time? last but not least, wriggling and very well alive urchins for dinner?

Though,I am ashamed to say that I have not been to Japan, YET. But I definitely will, one day. Maybe this year!

BUT, I am biased towards them only to a certain extent. For example, I strongly opposed to Dolphin-killings especially. Dolphins happen to be one of my favourite animals! and don’t you think, it is a little out-of-your-mind to eat an animal that usually saves people lives when they are about to get eaten by the shark? It will get hurt just to protect you. & you thank them but saying “hey! let’s try whether your meat is as tasty as ours?”  or you questioned your brain “Do they taste like fish?let’s try it out” bleahhhhhh. Hello there! they happens to be one of the smartest mammal on earth( might be even smart enough to save our dying planet for goodness sake!) give them some credits won’t you?

I can’t believe I did a post today, when I am supposed to study for tmr’s test. sigh, my life is just horrible, and I need people like Japanese to make it interesting.

p.s: just wondering. who is torres?->okay, just googled. Don’t know why all the girls go gugu and gaga over him. Maybe,okay, he is cute. but not extremely. Well, he seems like a little boy.. CUTE.

p.p.s: I forget to mention, Well done coach! You made yourself proud and did Japan honor! I hereby announced you Knight <3!


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