July 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

It’s happening again. You’re always tired from your mind going a million miles per minute. All that really appeals to you is cowering under covers and sleeping off your relentless, pointless effort in trying to make things better. You are disillusioned. Maybe you know that you can change things around, but you question whether you want to or not.

Because being sad has some kind of comfort in you- because there’s always this familiarity. No matter how long your sadness has prolonged, it’s known that when you revisit it, the same thoughts, feelings and actions take place.

You revisit the same place where you left off…

I am fine. I just need to know that I will get thru this semester without retaining any modules. I can’t retain, I will not retain.

On a brighter note, out of the 5 modules’ results I have been given, I passed 3 of them.

Now, I need to pray hard for my WAD, considering that it doesn’t have ANY huge examination to pull up my miserable F. As for my ERP. sigh, I just remembered my lecturer said if we fail that test, we might not get thru this evil module that is killing my ass. So, CHANG SIONG  MAY, you need to buck up. heed your classmates wise words and get thru this without pulling the class down.

Having said all this, time to get back to work and say goodbye to all my dramas. I need to study like a jaycee student (not like my sister though) 😀

I believe in the bell-curve system. Bell-curve, I am depending on you now


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