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here i come!


Day 14 — Someone you’ve drifted away from

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Dearest lovely secondary school friends:

I am trying not to drift away from any of you. really. It’s just that, school’s been really really hectic. My life is really really busy with piling school works there isn’t any time for anybody at all. So, I am sorry for not being able to spend any second with you all. but I still love you guys. Remember that!

Day 13 you wish could forgive you

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I do not need forgiveness. at least for now, I do not think things shouldn’t happen the way it should be. SO YAH:D this is a boring post

Day12-The person you hate most/caused you a lot of pain

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If I did this challenge few months back, I’d probably have a name for this post. But no. I do not hate someone to the core. I do hate everyone who was bad to me, but now, I would like to think in a way that they helped me grow. If not, I probably would be this vulnerable girl who gets hurt all the time !

Okay, wait. I think I’ve got it. Oh no, I don’t.

Day11-A deceased person you would like to talk to.

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Beethoven. Ludwig Van Beethoven.

Dear Sir,

I’ve been playing your songs recently and I still do not understand how you are able to come up with amazing music like Moonlight Sonata when you are like deaf? no offence. But seriously, how did you do it? Was it your overwhelming passion for music or that you are just plain genius or both? I kind of wish you, Mozart and Bach are best friends. Maybe you could talk Bach out of his crazy passion for the fingerings. I know it is for our own good, but my fingerings are just, I don’t know, sucky? Wonder if you do know what sucky means.
What do ladies wear during your era? Were they a fan for your music? Do you have other lovers other than Julia? Did you like in the movie COPYING BEETHOVEN so weirdly, stuck a small size trumpet sized in your ear so you can hear?

Sir, I just want you to know, thank you for being such a music genius.


Day 10 someone you don’t talk as much as you would like to

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Someone I don’t talk to as much as I would like to. Okay, seriously, I would love to skip this day. CAN I? There isn’t anyone I would like to talk to but not able to. okay, I seriously cannot think of anybody.

Oh wait, there is one very important person I don’t talk to. as much as I would love to.

KellyAnn Teo.
Dear Kelly:

I kiss kiss you much okay? I miss you much too! All the time we spent together in the club was awesome,and those outings and those singing, swimming,bowling and arcade. You complete my childhood so thank you, and I love you!

May May

Day9 Someone you wish you could meet

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Someone I wish I could meet. would probably be be be be a movie star.

To: Angelina Jolie

How can you be so sexy? How can you love kids so much? How did you control Brad Pitt? Where did you get your tattoo? How could you be such a brave person? How did you handle all your kids? How did you get famous? Are you a nice person in reality? Are you friends with leonardo? Can you call the sky to rain or to shine if you want to?( i think you could) . Can I have your autograph? Can I be your adopted Kid too? I can take care of myself, you just have to be my godmother in name(:

Last but not least, CAN I TAKE A PICTURE WITH YOU?

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