Day 1- Best Friend(s)

June 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

I decided to write to my Best Friends instead of just one best friend. Not that I have a lot, it’s just that these handful of people stood by my side thru’ the good and bad times. Well, this seems easy to write about. *cross fingers*. So here goes nothing..

Letter #1:Dear Popsicle:

I think I am the luckiest girl to have found you before I hit 20. In fact we met when we were just 13. 6 years have past and the bond we have between each other is still amazingly strong. You make me laugh till my stomach hurts. You listen to my stupid gossiping ALL THE TIME. Stand by me when things was tough, encouraging me, loving me for who I am and always supporting my decisions without fail. Whenever I was with you, it just seems that, nothing else in the world is important anymore, there isn’t anybody outside our world. we were conquerers and living in my imaginary world.  I must have did something really great in my “past life” to have deserved you as my best friend. I really hope that I can do the same things you’ve done for me. like head banging on my shoulder. 😀

xoxo, Smayy

Letter #2:Dear Shoshannah Angela Ascione:

This is to my sexiest and prettiest eurasian bff. After all the quarrels and fights we have been thru. We survived! and ended up closer than ever! I missed the days when we would just write notes to each other. even though we were just sitting next to each other. Teachers like Damien Mah would even scold us together. Praise us together. Oh! and when we were having exams, you would enter the mcq answers into your calculator and passed to me. and likewise, I shoved my chinese exam papers right into your face so that you could copy. You gave me the most exhilarating secondary school life anyone could ever have. and I thank you for that.

Letter #3:everyone in this picture. who helped me stand up again, when I fall. Make me laugh when I cry. Always there when I need them. here, to: Goh Yan Ying, Yuen Mei, Isabelle Foo, Ting Shi Jia and Irene Seetoh, Joseph Koo.

letter #4:

To my DnT class buddies:

You guys are like the 2nd best things that happened to me. I wouldn’t even survived DnT if you all weren’t so nice to me. Make me laugh every single time, let me hit every single one of you, nag and complained. I am probably the worst kind of friend anyone of you could ever have. and I am truly sorry for everything I have done. I shouldn’t deserve any of you. Helping out with my project. Still studying with me. Always without fail asked me to every single BBQ outing. Letting me join your games, and not laugh when I played with you guys, not making me feel left out. The kind of patience you all have towards me, I don’t know what to say except thank you. thank you and thank you. So here, to: Tan Boon Teak, Emmanuel Ang, Asri, Clement Hong, Ho Wei Jie,Jian Qiang, Darren, Ah Tay, Andy,Casper, Sean Tan and Max Wu.

I would really like to put a photo of all of you. but the only photo you guys have together is one with Mr Yip and I doubt I’m allowed to post it online. right right right?

I love you guys.

letter #5:

Joan and Patricia:

From primary school mates to secondary school mates to poly school mates. I think it’s just plain destiny that bought us together. I thank the both of you for having my back every single time when I got upset and just want to kill somebody. Words just cannot explain my gratitude and love for the both of you. wait, I think I don’t need to tell you both how much I adore you two right right right? I think My Shen knows how much I worship her!

letter #6:

Dear Aaron Ng Kee MingMy hamster buddy. Thank you so much for making my life in band an amazing amazing amazing one. From the Family seating and photos and to best friends. Thank you so much for being there for me regardless on how I treated you soooo badly. seriously, So bad, I am humiliated by my acts. You are the cutest friend anyone could have. There’s nothing to say, but thank you thank you thank you and thank youuuu

letter #7:


You cannot imagine how much I am dependent on you. For school, outings. You tolerate my nonsense, my stupid jokes and the crazy things I do. You let me blame you when I lost my mouse, you remind me the things I need to do. you are like the device PDA. Plus, you listened to me ranting all the time. Never leave me behind when Roy left, Sophie left and when Fatin left. I just can’t thank you enough. When I am down, you pat my head and say everything is going to be alright, the next thing I know, you made me laugh, again. You memorised my admin number, so you can help me hand in homework and everything. You surprises me all the time. 😀


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