happy birthday lewis

May 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

in the warming bath of sunlight…. but screw the weather. there isn’t any today-except heat and rain and more rain. well, the good thing about it, that it killed the heat off for tonight so no more sweating like a pig.

So anyway, I was supposed to do a card for lewis. but it completely slipped off my mind until today.(when school is tmr -___-) So, i dug up a roll of paper. yes, a roll of paper. and wrote like words from A to Z for him. well, it’s not CREATIVE or PRETTY. but that’s the best I can do with limited time and resources ):

On the other hand, I am pretty Animated, stimulated, aroused, enthusiastic, charged, provoked, stirred, piqued, thrilled that I might be able to hang out with yixin and patricia. (hopefully Kin leong and I get to finish our project discussion asap) and get a lot of flowers(: I want to get the amazing ice lemon tea from rocky master. and tmr’s iced coffee from gloria jeans before i faint(: now, I am scribbling in the book journal for the SSS so I can pass it to sng on tuesday!

To end off, joan is going to teach me how to decorate my own master page. so I can give it to Li Guang by 31st May. and carry on my Site-map design and ITSM project draft plan, ERP tutorials, CISCO tests. well, at least I finished my BM’s compo = skip tutorial class on week 5( this week)

ALRIGHT, i need to get ready my things for school tomorrow, for piano tomorrow. oh! I am going to decorate lewis birthday paper with  pink post-it! scribble love notes in book journal and make checklist for my futureeee((:



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