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May 2, 2010 § Leave a comment

I always thought that I was still in secondary school, surrounded with real friends and human beings. It’s not that my classmate ain’t nice. It’s not that school is different or anything. It’s just that, they are too nice in front of me but you know the very next moment, they are quietly discussing about something else.I rather they hate me or that we wouldn’t get along. You know, in secondary school. we ARE A BUNCH. we sticked together. rebel together. cry together. study together.

And you fight to see who has more friends on fb( the virtual world) who has more friends (hi bye friends ) who has more photos (in the virtual world) people just seems to want more virtual things than solid real things and people.

I am not saying I am holy. I fight for these things too. Just that, I’ll always end up alone when something happens. or when I really need to talk to somebody, all I’m left with are my secondary school mates. which I think that they are really superb. just saying.

getting my certificate tomorrow. 6 down, 2 more to go ((:  awfully awesome.



tags: CCNA chapter 3,4 and 5 by thursday. ERP tutorials by wednesday. birthday presents x2                                                       plus tags: who is he lying to. T will never forget about G. some kind of friend he is.


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