Embarrassing moment

April 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

My day in school today was DEFINITELY not boring. ZERO of boring-ness. It’ll probably be my most embarrassing day in my year 2.

Year 1 embarrassing moment(s):

*walked into the gents near the shopping arcade without realising it for 3 whole seconds. The guys in it, just kept staring.

* trying to act smart so I climbed on the lecture theater’s chairs and almost tripped. got nervous, and started running towards the carpeted stairs and almost tripped again. got back from the toilet and walked back down the stairs, and tripped again. half of the lecture was staring and making noises like “woah” ” waw”

Year 1 evil moment:

* got mad at a girl for asking sophie to shut up instead of asking nicely. I verbally attacked her and made her cry when she said sorry to me( this happened, on the first day of school, semester 2)

Year 2 embarrassing moment:

Top #1: walked into the wrong classroom and instead of running away, tried to look for my classmates and lecturer around. & refused to believe that I walked into the wrong class. Verify the classroom number instead. plus, after I said “eh?” the whole class burst out laughing at me- they are from the same batch as me.

geez, school started for like how long?FOUR DAYS. and I start to do stupid and embarrassing things already. Well, I supposed most of my friends are really used to me doing idiotic things. but it was still embarrassing. I went completely red when I went back to class. plus, to make things worst, the class have to walk pass my class when lesson end.


Year 1 worst lecturers:

#1 The lecturer who assumed I didn’t do any work, and gave me a C for that module.

#2 The lecturer who kept referring us as animals and that he was a Dog trainer.

Year 2 worst lecturer(s):

#1 lin crystal- my business mandarin lecturer. brain-washed us the whole time thru. She said, ” the english letter writing format, I think, it’s umm, I think laaa, it’s stupid “, ” the US thinks that they the big brothers and can choose to have war with any country, for example, iraq.” , ” you all worship the US too much”, ” China is better than the US “,” China is very independent,nobody knows that until the financial breakdown and that China wasn’t really affected by it”, ” ang mo can never ever speak Chinese accurately, they’ll always have that slang”,” singaporeans are so proud that they can’t speak chinese, I think they should be ashamed about it instead of being so proud”, ” singaporeans don’t know how to speak chinese”

She talks about how the caucasians cannot speak chinese accurately. She doesn’t reflect on her english herself ” they jire chinese naaaa-ni(nanny)” institutions-she read it as “instructions” practical-“preeetical” EVERYTHING FROM THE WORLD IS FROM CHINA. if she’s such a patriot. why work for singapore, she might as well LEAVE this place.

trust her to be “educated” in singapore. She’s ridiculous.

If she keeps this up, I’d probably talk to my CC soon.


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