The last time

March 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

I just can’t breathe. Just talking to him on msn is excruciating. I feel like, I was hallucinating at every ” I’m still in love with you ” but at the same time, it felt so real.  I don’t care if he’ll get to read this and that I’ll just embarrass myself in front of him and everyone else that’s reading this.

The last time I saw him:

I knew he was going to leave, I knew I might not be able to see him. But I didn’t care.

We were at the Botanics having this lovely cute small picnic with cheap table mats, bags of chips, boxes of sushi and a chocolate sponge roll with chocolate melting off it, a few enormous bottles of  mineral water and a glass can of red sauce. ( exactly too much food for us to finish). He was sweating beads of sweat because of the scorching sun. I remembered yelling at him because he was just showing too much of his muscular chest in front of me.

We were looking for a perfect spot-He had his 400 bucks sunglasses on. it was white and sharp-creating a contrast with his skin.  I was complaining not being able to look at his eyes because of that stupid 400 bucks sunglasses (even though, he looked awfully good with them on).

I don’t really remember what we were talking about. I was absorbed with the lovely sun which was being a bitch to him. A little about school I guess. We hanged around at the park for a few hours before deciding that we wanted to leave the place. I wanted to go off home, he wanted to go to bugis with qas. I didn’t want to follow.

I had no idea. That was going to be the last time I see him, before he actually leaves. I tried so hard to make him get out with us but he wouldn’t barge. saying, It was going to be hard to say goodbye. Who said goodbyes was easy? It was going to be hard to me too but at least I was willing to deal with it. & there was this one time. I finally got him to meet up before he leaves. He had to have to go eat evil KFC and get food poisoning. poof! there goes our outing.

Then, there was me leaving the country before him, for a holiday. I was dealing as much as he was. I was losing my best friend. It was a horrible month.


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