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I have to stop eating. I will have to ignore the nice people who cooked so many delicious food in enormous size.


kept emotions

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It has always been my sister( the one in the sunflowery dress) and I. together. regardless of family visits or whatsoever. I’ll always tend to stick by her side. But there’s one close family member that I wished he was together with us- Sam.

He used to be. At least until I reached secondary 3. He disappeared. I miss those days while we hide in the room and take out his guitar,score sheets and starts practicing. The whole time, I would sit down beside him and watch him play. Sometimes, I would play the piano together with him.  Sometimes, we will just gather together in a room and not talk. Sometimes, we’ll watch the enormously thick teevee together. Sometimes, we’ll gather around the table and have lunch or dinner. Sometimes, we’ll drive around in the car and fight over the music. Sometimes I got mad at him for shouting at my sister. I got really confused when he left, and never came back. Sometimes, he would come with a bruises and a black eye. Sometimes, he brags about the things he had done outside & no matter whether it was right or wrong, I listened with fascination and envy. Sometimes, my friends saw him, and I would proudly introduce him to them.

I always hated sleeping when he was around. I refused to be lazy. I refused to give my attention span on other things except him. He was so important in my life. I got really confused when he left and refused to come back. I’d do just about anything to make him come back.

He was my idol, my best friend, my bad teacher. He is my bad bad bad brother:D

Forces within me

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OH YES! even though I did horribly horrendously  horrible this semester, HAHA. thank the FORCES WITHIN ME! i managed to get thru year 1 with my smart classmates!


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onwards and forward. you can do it! ( me!)  one down,2 to go!


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oh my god. it’s happening! I don’t feel so good already:(


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Freaking out now!!! *GRABS HAIR*


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School exams long over. Piano exam just ended. Now, nervous about both results. praying that I won’t fail. It’s depressing much. HELP!

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