Sticky notes

January 14, 2010 § Leave a comment

Ever try digging your bag for a piece of paper? then after you got out a paper, you went back digging for pens to write down what your lecturer is writing on the board and by the time you are ready to copy down the notes, he erases the front part and carries on the second half. which makes you kind of mad at yourself for not getting ready and that you’re already not in the mood to copy the second half. Blame it on your laptop, and the notes, where you cannot write anything or edit at all?

Well, today the same thing happened to me. Especially when you have lecturers like mine. They are like the world’s fastest lecturers ever.(Exaggerating a lot, but they are fast) Anyway, i was frantically grabbing papers out of my bag and pens while sophie stared at her computer screen and I got sick of digging and tried to open the notepad application on my laptop. I accidentally clicked on my pdf notes and out came “Add sticky notes”. Okay, probably someone or everyone out there know about this application, but I was the first and only one in my class to actually uses it.*glee*&,it’s really helpful- to me, of course.



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