hour ≠ owl

January 11, 2010 § Leave a comment

oh, how I wish I’m actually able to literally do that.

Heck, I’ll still plan it so I can kill them in my dreams:

1. The “Dog trainer” in school- ’cause he called us creatures, dogs etc. even though you are listening during his lesson. Also, he said today: “You will die of horrible death” . He thinks he’s in a zoo, surrounded by a bunch of animals.

2. The biased one- Who ASSUMED that I didn’t do any single thing for my group project when I actually did. From script to history and to pictures, I did it all. Even though my group member did more than I did. But still,”HEY! I DID DO MY WORK!”

well, I guess 2 is enough. There isn’t anyone that I’m really mad at right now, except the both of them.

Anyway, school today was super hyper. Everyone was so hyped up ( for god knows what reason) or at least my class was. Another great week along the way (excluding c# project,maths quiz) and I’ll be able to relax a little after wednesday.


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