10 things I will not do in 2010

January 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

1.I will not be psyched up over a movie- It all ended with disappointments.(maybe not to the night at the museum 2) like the Paranormal activity and also New Moon(even though taylor does have a great bod).

2.I will not swear and curse whenever there’s an obstacle-For every obstacle presents an opportunity to improve one’s condition.

3.I will not stop relying on caffeine- Even though it makes me high,unhealthy and do stupid acts.’cause it keeps me awake for goodness sake.

4.I will stop sneering at korean actors-Laughing at their acting skills all these years, I think I have finally got it out of my system.

5.I will not worry about people- & start worrying about myself. Some people just ain’t worth worrying for.

6.I will not be fickle-minded- Set my mind on what I want.

7.I will not listen- I’m a Scorpio and scorpio are stubborn.

8.I will not sneer at guy’s showing their boxers- “hey, you’re showing things that should be kept private”. I’m tradition in certain ways.

9.I will not spend a single cent of the money I’ve saved-then what’s the point of saving it?

10.I will not be lazy- It sucks to be lazy, not getting work done too.

I guess that’s it.hmm, what about I will not be faithful to my my wordpress. I think it sounds reasonable.well then,HAPPY NEW YEAR,again.


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