Friends I can’t wait to meet

January 2, 2010 § Leave a comment

1. SNG YI XIN- my so called “ONLY” friend I know. The one who bangs her head at my shoulder and hits me real hard when I make fun of her.  She’s my forever friend.

2.SHOSHANNAH ANGELA ASCIONE- I really can’t wait to see her but too bad, my pocket’s flat and she is half a globe away from me. So,I’m hoping her dad will let her come over or my mum will let me go over. Either way, I will still have to save money and make my pocket fat because she is my faraway forever friend.

3.SOPHIE- My gossip buddy, I kinda wish she’s coming back today instead of monday midnight. Also, there’ll be someone to help me out with my project and OUR project!(actually, I just want my presents from her mama)

4.MAH YUEN MEI- She needs to get her presents from me! But I’m kinda stuck with projects(okay,I’m just a little too lazy to do anything yet) and I love her much.

5.SUGAR DADDY-’cause he misses me and so do I.

6.ROY- ’cause I miss him.

7.QASTALANI-why? but hell yeah, I do can’t wait to meet him on monday.

8.IRENE SEETOH- My girlgirlfriend. She’s always too busy to meet up with me so I can’t wait to meet up with her.

9.GOH YAN YING- hoodie gang! You can never stop being amused with her and everything she does. She’s unique,special and lovely. She’s a buddy anyone could ever wish for. She always waves frantically whenever she sees me having lesson every tuesday.

10.PRISCILLA OW- The very first friend who started kicking my ass even though we’ve known each other for like 2 Days. She loves my horrendous singing and dancing and insisted that we are the only pure and innocent people alive.

11.PATRICIA TAY LEE TING- She’s the only one who wouldn’t get mad at me. She cooks for me, bakes for me and giving me the prettiest birthday present. She forgives me for every stupid thing I’ve done to her and I’m sorry for everything. She’s one of a kind,definitely.

last but not least

12.LLYOD KOH- my travelling buddy. I miss him being mad at some kid because the kid told tales of me.I miss him trying to keep me awake while we were on the bus by talking and talking. Also him being freaked out by the “blanket” ghost I had created. I kinda wish he was 19 years old, instead of 9. So we can hang out together instead of me waiting for him to grow up.


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